Lake Region Nursery

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A hobby that went wild!

Back in 2008, our friend Roland introduced me (and my wife Claire) to a computer program with ideas on how to be successful in the rooting business. So fascinating was the idea that we decided to take the plunge and invited Roland to come along as a partner in, what we thought, would be a great “hobby.” Poor soul, he agreed.  

Our store-front.

Our store-front.

I’ve forgotten to mention we were getting a little old to be starting what has turned out to be a thriving nursery business. I was 67, my wife Claire was 66. Even though Claire and I have 40 plus years of business experience, we found ourselves getting into more than a hobby--it became an “eight to faint” job for us. But we must say we’re having fun.

On the other hand, our new “partner” Roland was 68. He was figuring on an 8 to 10 hour “fun” activity which parlayed into a 60 hour per week responsibility. Not that “fun!” Because we didn’t want business to “Roundup” our friendship, we departed from our “partnership” but for eight years he has remained part of our team, only part time. Guess, you can’t get away from “fun!” 

Five years ago, young Zak came on board as a member of our team. He has proven to be a dynamic asset which has been a blessing. We have been fortunate to find the right people precisely when we need them.  

This “hobby” has proven to be a dream come true. As you visit our display, set up in a sunlit pine grove, you will experience, as we do, the peaceful sense of a garden. Many of our shrubs and perennials are displayed in raised beds, but we strive for natural conditions suiting the various plants. We are continually adding different varieties to respond to the requests of our growing customer base.   

Claire and I have to say that along with the success of this “hobby/business”, the biggest blessing we have garnered is the acquisition of so many customers become our friends as they return, spring after spring. Lake Region Nursery has truly become a dream come true. We invite you to come visit, and let your garden dreams come true with us!!!