Lake Region Nursery

Perennials, Shrubs, Fruit Trees, Flowering Trees, Annuals, Herbs, and Vegetable seedlings

"Service" - Some of our products, including what is under the "At Our Nursery" section, are listed as a service rather than a physical product. This gives our customers closer to home the option to buy the products online then come in and pick them up in store. If you are not close to our home, we can always send these products out to you. Email us and we will be able to calculate shipping, which will depend on the product and where it will be shipped to.

Minimum Quantity - If purchasing only 4", 5", or 6" sized pot plants, we have a minimum purchase of 5 plants per order. We do allow you to mix and match, just be aware that if you place order of only 4", 5", or 6" plants and there are less than 5, we will cancel the order and notify you. 

"Plant Size" Option - When choosing your size of plant, we have a few options in our store. First is 4", which refers to the size of the pot, 4x4", and not the plant. Another option is the 6" option, which also refers to the size of the pot, which have about a 6" diameter. Our options referred to as 300's, 400's, and 600's are the sizes the manufacturers have put on the pots we use. 300 is roughly a 3/4 gallon pot, 400 is about 1 gallon, and lastly the 600 is about 1.5 gallons. 

How We Ship - If you order plants online from our nursery you will receive a flat-rate USPS box filled with your plants. Each of the plants you find in this box will be hand packaged by one of our trusted employees. We take each plant, with a small amount of soil left, and wrap them in wet newspaper to retain moisture over their journey (as seen in image to the right.) Limbs and leaves that are too large are cut back and all space in the box is filled in to avoid plants from being damaged. Plastic is wrapped around wet roots to stop leaking of water, while the foliage is left bare to allow as much air-flow as possible. 


 Plants ready to be shipped. 

Plants ready to be shipped.